By Bob Moore

Thanks to PLF for pursuing this significant issue.

I like the Petronius Arbiter quote although I’m not sure that sharing that observation or our own experiences and recommendations about how reorganizations (and mergers) have been tried before with negative benefit-cost ratios would be very persuasive. However, the idea that PLF can provide useful public land management problem solving solutions to this administration and is willing to offer its help should be welcome and received positively. While on the one hand, retiring from an organization that keeps going forward is somewhat like stepping off a train that continues to an unfamiliar destination, PLF and many of its members have done an excellent job of staying connected and current with the Department and BLM. This continuous involvement, coupled with its members’ years of valuable experience and willingness to help, would make PLF a useful resource for the Secretary to consider.

My observation has always been, the people in BLM know how to get things done and, given the opportunity and resources, they can implement the lawful priorities of any administration. I will be happy to help as you move forward.


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