I can still remember the day back in 1991 or so when BLM Director Cy Jamison came down to my office on the third floor of the Main Interior Building to talk about a Lands issue (I was the Chief of Lands and Realty at the time) and casually informed me that our office was being moved to L St.  I pointed out to him that such move would make it a lot harder for him to just wander into my office and ask me a question.

We ended up moving anyway; a year or so later Cy was gone and I had moved back to Main Interior to work in the Assistant Secretary’s office.  The net result, though, was that it became a total pain in the ass for the Director, or anybody else still left in MIB, to have a face to face meeting with the Chief of Lands or any other HQ people.  It could still be done but it tied up a lot of time getting back and forth between offices.

I don’t think Sec. Zinke has an appreciation of the problems he is setting up for himself and his successors.  Maybe somebody ought to point out out to him that the Secretary of Defense doesn’t have his HQ staff located halfway across the country.

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