With keen interest I have been following the news about moving BLM’s Headquarters out of Washington and the Secretary’s proposal to regionalize the BLM field structure along with that of other bureaus and agencies   In my opinion, both are very bad ideas.  I also expect the current political climate does not give present day employees much latitude to weigh in with their insight and opinions on these plans.  In the past when these kind of proposals came up we were at least able to weigh in without too much fear of reprisal and we were often instrumental in eventually convincing political leadership to go in a different direction.  I particularly remember being involved in beating down the “Centers of Excellence” idea in Cy Jamison’s time in favor of just shrinking the size of the BLM headquarters, and I also remember us weighing in against the previous regionalization and Forrest Service merger ideas as well proposals to move out of DC.

I think we, the PLF, should really step up on the pitfalls of these reorganization ideas.  Also it is probably true that not all PLF members will feel the same way I do, especially about the Headquarters location issue.  Therefore seeing if there is a PLF Board consensus on these matters may be important.  I am interested in getting involved and possibly helping with outreach on these issues.

Best regards. Pete Culp

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