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To everyone who supported our campaign seeking Congressional action to intervene in the BLM reorganization and headquarters move, we thank you.

Ultimately, Congress did not intervene the way we had hoped. However, in passing the Omnibus Appropriations for FY 2020 it did include the following language in the House Appropriations Committee report:

Bureau of Land Management, Reorganization
The Department has not fulfilled its obligation to fully communicate the organizational and
financial details of the reorganization and relocation of the Bureau’s Washington, DC headquarters.
It has not provided Bureau employees, Congress, agency stakeholders or the general public
with adequate information regarding this move. Furthermore, it has not explained how
it will sustain its operations and remain an effective land management agency following
the anticipated loss of much of its senior management and the expected significant attrition
of its workforce caused by the reorganization. The Department is therefore directed to begin
monthly briefings with the Committees on Appropriations on the status of the reorganization,
including in an initial briefing explaining the Bureau’s plan for ensuring continuity of
agency operations and addressing the immediate impacts of likely staff shortages caused
by the reorganization.

The PLF will continue to work with Congress as it fulfills its oversight responsibilities by requiring the Department of the Interior to conduct the initial and monthly briefings as required by the Appropriations Committee report. The Appropriations Committees should also ensure the Government Accountability Office aggressively proceeds ahead with the investigation requested by the House Natural Resources Committee.