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BLM Retirees Needed

BLM retirees are needed to participate in “The Past and the Future: A BLM/PLF Partnership” Project. We now have over 80 matchups with BLM retirees and new BLM employees, but we need more retirees to link up with students that will be attending future BLM Pathways courses. This project gives retirees a chance to share their experiences with a new BLM employee and an opportunity to learn from a new employee, hearing what challenges they face in their career with the BLM.

This project is about the students at the BLM Pathways course having an opportunity to connect with a PLF partner (retiree). Participation will allow relatively new employees to develop a relationship with a retiree with a long history with BLM. PLF partners do not need to attend the Pathways course. BLM employees attending the Pathways course will select a PLF partner from a list of retirees that we will provide. The BLM employees will select a PLF partner who has a background and experience that is of interest to them, and hopefully in close geographic proximity to where they live.

Once the match is made, the PLF partner will receive the student’s contact information and contact the Pathways student to arrange a time and place for the interviews to take place. Both of the interviews are to be recorded. PLF has several recording devices that can be made available. The recorded interview of the PLF partner will become “a little piece of the oral history” of BLM. The interview of the Pathways participant will be used to help the PLF and the BLM learn more about new employees; including their goals and interests; and, the challenges facing them. To sign up, or get more information, please contact Elaine Zielinski or phone at 480-292-0341, or Beau McClure.