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PLF is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Interior Federal Credit Union to offer membership to employees, volunteers, and families of PLF.  Affiliate groups, like the BLM Retirees of Oregon/Washington are also be eligible to join the CU’s field of membership.  Interior FCU is a nationwide credit union, serving all 50 states and the American territories.  They offer many benefits by belonging. You can visit their web site at interiorfcu.org to learn more, but here are a few highlights:

  1. Membership is free.  To become a member, all you have to do is open a savings account and keep $25 deposited at all times.
  2. They have some of the best rates in the country.  They try to remain as competitive as they can by offering their members low loan rates, high savings rates, and little to no fees.  For example, they don’t have a foreign transaction fee on their creditcards, so that traveling abroad isn’t complicated.
  3. They are part of a shared-branch network with over 5,600 nationwide locations where you would be able to do in-person transactions, if needed.  As credit unions are cooperatives, this means that you would go into another local, participating credit union and tell them that you are doing a transaction for your Interior FCU account, and they can process it in the universal share-branch system.  The shared-branch locator is on their web site.
  4. They belong to a surcharge-free ATM network offering over 55,000 ATM machines all over the country—many of them located in 7-Eleven, Wawa, COSTCO, and Wal-Mart, as well as the local, participating credit unions.  The ATM locator is on their web site, too.
  5. Most of their business, however, is done online through robust online and mobile banking technology, so that you have access to your accounts to perform transactions or apply for a loan or account 24 hours a day.  With the ability to move money, pay bills, aggregate financial accounts, deposit a check, and use electronic wallets like Apple Pay and Visa Checkout, there’s no need to go into a branch.  With a Visa Debit and Credit Card, virtually everything can be done electronically.
  6. They have a 24/7 Call Center.  The Credit Union employees answer phones 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. EST, but after hours calls are handled by a Credit Union partner Call Center.  Those employees are trained to handle most questions.
  7. They offer many discounts on things like auto, home, and even car rentals.  Rewards are offered on both the credit and debit cards.

We will be sharing more information about the Credit Union in the near future, and will plan to have a Credit Union representative available for webinars and and informational meetings.  If you have any immediate questions, please reach out to Ray Brady.


Credit Union News – January 2019 

Government Shutdown Assistance

One of the many benefits of being a Credit Union Member is realizing that when times get tough, like during a Government Shutdown, the Credit Union works with you to help ease the pain if we can.  We offer many forms of assistance that many other financial institutions aren’t eager to provide. 

Effective January 10th, members with a signature loan, auto loan, and personal line of credit are eligible to skip a payment with no fee. Members in good standing may also skip a Visa payment without a fee by calling Member Services at 800-914-8619.

Please be advised that we are experiencing extremely high volumes at this time and are working expediently to meet all member needs. A member may contact our main number if they are experiencing extraordinary delays in service. Members should check their email/voice messages for correspondence from our team. We are processing the requests in the order received. Thank you for your interest in our government shutdown assistance loan program.

Budget to Save in 2019

Have you ever sat and thought about what is happening with your money? If so, you may not be budgeting effectively for your lifestyle. Budgeting is an important aspect of successfully managing your finances. If used effectively, it is a tool that can help you achieve your goals. The best way to get started is by documenting your income and expenses with worksheets.

Download our Budget E-book, which includes:

  • How to develop “realistic” financial goals
  • How to set up a series of budgets to help you plan for everyday life, such as special occasions and retirement
  • Easy to use budgeting worksheets
  • Budgeting tips for college students and young professionals

Better yet….make sure to use our free Money Management tool with either online or mobile banking to establish savings goals, set up your 2019 budget, and monitor your spending trends throughout the year. Become a budgeting expert today!

If you join IFCU Mobile Insiders you will be entered to win our monthly $50 iTunes Giveaway. You will receive VIP information and weekly texts from industry experts that will save you more! 

It’s here! You can view your account balance and make purchases from your Apple Watch. 

Learn more!