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2019 Membership Survey Results

The PLF conducted a membership survey in early 2019. We emailed the survey link to 492 of our members for whom we have valid email addresses. Some 193 members participated in the survey, though not all participants answered all questions.

We used the SurveyMonkey service to develop and conduct the survey. The reports were generated directly from SurveyMonkey. The PLF Board of Directors is reviewing the data and comments and developing recommendations for new initiatives, adjusting internal procedures and identifying ways to increase member’s involvement in our activities. These matters will be presented and discussed at the PLF’s September 2019 Annual Meeting in Reno.

There are two survey results reports: a full version that contains the data charts, tables and comments respondents provided, and a shorter version providing the data charts. Click on the documents to read online or download.

Complete Report

Summary Data Charts