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As a member, you can help counter the misguided attempts in State legislatures, Congress, and by non-government organizations to “take back the public lands.” These attempts are an attack on our heritage and values of retaining the public lands for the use and enjoyment of all Americans.

PLF influences public policy related to the public lands and provides information to legislators.

Your membership in the PLF supports our efforts in advocating and working for the retention of America’s National Public Lands under public ownership.

Additional benefits and activities include:

  • Quarterly newsletter—The Public Lands Monitor.
  • Receive the Register of BLM Retirees with their addresses.
  • ”Remembering BLM” Facebook page to help facilitate contacts and communications between BLM retirees and other members.
  • Contribute to the PLF Archives, a collection of historical materials related to BLM-administered lands and its people.
  • Annual meetings to analyze National System of Public Lands issues.
  • Biennial Student Congress and annual scholarships to college students.

Membership in the PLF is open to anyone interested in supporting quality management of America’s National System of Public Lands. There are two options for payment: (1) pay online with a credit card using PayPal, or (2) pay with a check by mail.

All membership categories include a subscription to The Public Lands Monitor and an invitation to attend the foundation’s annual meeting.

Membership in PLF is available in the following categories:


For amounts over $500, send check to:
Public Lands Foundation
P.O. Box 7226
Arlington, VA 22207

  • Pay Membership Dues Online

    Step 1: Select a Dues Category from the drop-down menu (Regular $35.00; Contributing $50.00; etc.).

    Step 2: Press the Pay Now button.

    A secure webpage will open where you can use your PayPal account or your personal bank card. A receipt of your transaction will be emailed to you within minutes.

    Note: If your PayPal account is not in your name, but in the name of a spouse, a business, or some other entity, please provide your name (and other information if needed) at the place where PayPal asks “if you wish to add special instructions to the seller.”


  • Pay Membership Dues By Mail

    To pay by mail, select an application form below, print the form on your printer, complete the form, and mail it and your check to:

    Public Lands Foundation
    P.O. Box 7226
    Arlington, VA 22207

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