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The following publications from the PLF are available for download in PDF format.

America’s Public Lands: origin, history, future

A publication of the PLF designed to define and clarify the status of federal public lands in America and to answer questions people pose on a daily basis, such as:

How did the U.S. acquire the public lands owned collectively by the American people?

How did the U.S. transfer most of the original public lands to state, private and other ownership?

How did the Bureau of Land Management, an agency within the Department of the Interior, become responsible for administering its remaining 245 million acres of public domain lands, now known as the National System of Public Lands?

How does federal ownership and management of public domain lands benefit America?

The Nation Possessed

The Conflicting Claims on America’s Public Lands and the Commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of the Founding of the General Land Office.

The Public Lands Foundation has produced a brochure that captures the spirit of the work that went into the 2012 National Meeting in Boulder, Colorado, and presents (1) the next-generation priorities for the Bureau of Land Management as seen through the eyes of the Student Congress, (2) the roundtable recommendations for ‘Finding Common Ground on the Public Lands’ as developed by a group of fifteen state, federal, and local citizen representatives, and (3) a set of policy recommendations as prepared by the Public Lands Foundation for preserving the legacy of the public lands and meeting the needs of future generations.

Historical Record (1934 – 2012) of the Offices, Managers and Organizations of
the U. S. Bureau of Land Management

PLF completed work on the 1934-2012 Historical Record document as part of its contribution to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the establishment of the General Land Office. The PLF documents the organizational history of the BLM and the line office managers who have headed the principal offices of the agency. Since BLM’s roots are in the Grazing Service, the General Land Office, and the O&C Revested Lands Administration, those agencies are included as well.