Public Lands Foundation

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Board of Directors and Executive Director

The PLF is led by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors comprises Officers, Directors at Large, and State Representatives. In addition, there are three honorary Board members and two Ex Officio members. The PLF is an “all volunteer” organization. No officers or Board members receive compensation.

Within the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee comprises the officers of the PLF.

Effective April 29, 2023

Executive Committee

Mary Jo Rugwell, President
Don Simson, Vice-President
Beau McClure, Vice-President, Operations
Ray Brady, Vice-President for DC Affairs & Secretary
Mark Davis, Treasurer

State Representatives

Arizona – Beau McClure

California – Thomas Zale

Colorado – Bob Moore

Midwest & Eastern States – Jeff Holdren

Montana – Peter Bierbach

Oregon – Duane Dippon

Utah – Bill Lamb

Washington – Barron Bail

Wyoming – Bill LeBarron

Ex Officio

National Association of Forest Service Retirees – Jim Caswell

Honorary Members

George Lea, Founder

Ed Shepard, Past President

Jesse Juen, Past Presiddent