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Every two to three three years, PLF sponsors a National Student Congress dealing with public land management and natural resource issues. The goals of this program are to:

1. Educate our youth on the history and current issues related to public land management;

2. Engage students in providing input into the future of these lands; and

3. Expand potential career consideration and enrich student resumes.

Participants are recruited from colleges and universities across the country in order to obtain as diverse a group of students as possible. Students do not necessarily have to be studying natural resources–related fields, but they must have an awareness of and interest in the future of public land management.

The 20-25 students generally meet for about three days along with 4 or 5 advisors who have had long careers in public policy and land management. They discuss current issues and potential solutions from a youth perspective and make recommendations relative to what they believe to be important considerations for future policy making.

A report is prepared at the end of each Student Congress. These reports summarize the Student Congress and makes recommendations for future land management policy making and are presented by members of the Student Congress to the PLF Board of Directors and to BLM officials in Washington DC.

Please contact Mike Ferguson at for further information about the Student Congress program.

The next Student Congress is tentatively scheduled to be held from October 2-5, 2022 in Boise, Idaho with a focus on Wildland Fire. Stay tuned for further details.

It costs $2,000 to send a student to the Student Congress.  This covers all travel, meals, and lodging expenses as well as meeting rooms and speaker fees. See the brochure on this page for details about funding needs. Please help support our efforts by donating to support this valuable program!