Outstanding Public Lands Professional Awards - 2001

Manager/Managerial - Administrative Category

Craig MacKinnon
Craig MacKinnon

CRAIG MACKINNON is a former Assistant Field Manager of the Tonopah Field Station in central Nevada and is now located in the Oregon State Office.

This selection recognizes MacKinnon, not only for his outstanding career with the BLM, but for his planning and directing the impoundment of trespass livestock during July and August of 2001 in the Tonopah area.  While facing state’s rights extremists, pressure from local county sheriffs and intense media inquiry, he supervised the removal of 235 unauthorized livestock, many of which had been in trespass, grazing year around, for nearly six years.

Despite intimidation and threats from the trespassers, the impoundment was accomplished without incident to Craig or the the BLM employees involved.