Lifetime Service Award - 2001

Edwin C. (Moose) Zaidlicz
Edwin C. (Moose) Zaidlicz

The Public Lands Foundation has awarded Edwin C. (Moose) Zaidlicz its Outstanding Lifetime Service Award (Posthumously) at its Casper, Wyoming Annual Conference on September 12, 2001.  This award is given for the purpose of perpetuating and enhancing the proud tradition of Public Service in the Bureau of Land Management and in recognition of Moose’ substantial contributions to the improved well-being of the public lands and all natural resources.

Edwin C. (Moose) Zaidlicz, August 8, 1918 – June 26, 2000, was one of the truly outstanding individuals of our time who spent his entire adult life actively supporting the proper management of our natural resources.  He was a decorated World War II Air Force veteran in the Pacific Theater, where he earned the nickname of “Moose” for his toughness.  He graduated from Iowa State University in the School of Forestry, worked in the private forest industry, then as a Forester in the BLM’s Roseburg O&C District, moving to the Oregon/Washington State Office as the Forester in Charge.  He then transferred to Washington, DC to become the Bureau’s Chief of Forestry, then as Chief of Resource Program Management and finally as the State Director for Montana, North and South Dakota for 10 years.  As Montana State Director, Ed was instrumental in the designation of the Upper Missouri River as a Wild and Scenic River, and in the establishment of the Prior Mountain Wild Horse Range.  Ed was the ultimate example of a career public servant who earned his way up the ranks through integrity, dedication, intelligence, ability to lead and persuade, and to put the public interest in the forefront of his decision-making.

Following retirement from the BLM, Ed served on the Montana Board of Health and Environmental Science from 1981 to 1987.  Moose initiated and developed the Public Lands Foundation Outstanding Public Land Professional Award program and ran it for ten Years prior to his death.  “Moose,” to everyone who knew him, dedicated his life to public service.  He had a distinguished 33-year career with the BLM and charted many years as a volunteer and citizen advocate on everything from youth to the environment.  Ed Zaidlicz was a man of unquestionable, uncompromising integrity.  He was the epitome of his favorite expression – “foresters are versatile.”

The Foundation is honored to recognize Edwin C. (Moose) Zaidlicz with this Award.

The Award was made posthumously at the Foundation’s Annual Meeting in Casper, Wyoming in September, 2001.