Special Posthumous Recognition Award - 2000

Gary D. Bauer
Gary D. Bauer

THE PUBLIC LANDS FOUNDATION proudly recognizes Gary D. Bauer and presents this Certificate, posthumously, in recognition of his dedication and outstanding service, as the Bureau of Land Management, Arizona Associate State Director during the years 1995 through 2000.

Gary demonstrated outstanding professional performance as Chairman of the Executive Partner Committee for the Lake Havasu Fisheries Improvement Partnership and for leadership in facilitating the Barry M. Goldwater Range, and tenacity in gaining national recognition of the Barry M. Goldwater Executive Council.

His dedication to the proper management of public lands led to effective relationships among local interests and paved the way towards long term solutions to burro management in southwest Arizona.  He recognized that a lack of engineering expertise would adversely impact the State’s ability to meet construction and maintenance goals and developed plans to alleviate the problem.

Gary’s ability to quickly establish rapport with individuals from all walks of life and to forge lasting effective relationships was a cornerstone in the foundation of a career filled with success.  The Public Lands Foundation, dedicated to the exemplary management of public lands by outstanding professional managers, takes pride in recognizing Gary D. Bauer for his many contributions.