Outstanding Public Lands Professional Awards - 1997

Technical/Operational Category

Gary Stumpf
Gary Stumpf

GARY STUMPF, State Archaeologist in the Arizona State Office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Phoenix, Arizona is the recipient of the Public Lands Foundation’s Outstanding Public Land Professional for 1997.

Foundation President George Lea announced the selection crediting Gary for his outstanding, relentless dedication in completing the signing of the first State Protocol under a national Programmatic Agreement with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers.  The agreement will guide BLM’s activities under the National Historic Preservation Act.

“Gary put his career on the line while exhibiting great patience and leadership to ensure that the procedures adopted to protect the cultural values on the public lands were acceptable to all parties,” Lea said.  “In addition, Gary’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the fact that he has held many offices with both the Arizona and National Archaeological Societies.

“This has not been easy,” Lea Said.  “Gary has shown exemplary courage and risk-taking in leading the protocol agreement through many complex issues to completion.  Through is efforts the professional competency of BLM archaeologists and managers has been demonstrated to meet the obligations to protect the cultural resources on the public lands.  Gary has long been the advocate that BLM is ready and able to meet these obligations.

The Arizona State Office manages 14.2 million acres of public land in Arizona and is one of the more complex and controversial management areas in BLM.  Gary ability to be honest and firm, yet willing to consider other views has enabled him to make progress in working in such an environment.