Special One Time Founder's Award

George Lea
George Lea

THE PUBLIC LANDS FOUNDATION (PLF), its members and supporters, through the Board of Directors, is pleased and privileged to present its first and only Founder’s Award to you, its leader, at Park City, Utah, September 11, 1998.

This honor is based upon the recognition of the vision, commitment, and leadership of George D. Lea, Jr., in establishing the Public Lands Foundation in order to promote and support the proper professional management of the Nation’s natural resources administered by the Bureau of Land Management.  PLF’s aim is to assure maintenance of the natural resource base of these public lands in the interest of this and future generations.

George has provided a rallying point for BLM retirees to continue to contribute their efforts and support for the agency, for current employees to become informed on the views of others, and for the general public to become involved in those issues which will affect them; issues such as keeping the public lands in public hands, and the resource base in balance with nature, while it produces an abundance of multiple resource wealth for the nation.  No other group is so directly involved in these issues as is the PLF.

George rightly foresaw the interest, commitment, and need for BLM retirees to remain involved in the issues of public lands management, and has insisted that their views be considered, thus recognizing the value they offer to the citizens of the United States.  He has used farsighted efforts, persistence, tenacity, presence, salesmanship, diligence, and a wholly committed life to accomplish the aims of the Foundation.  In all these efforts, he has retained a gentlemanly approach, has strengthened friendships, and called attention to land management needs and dangers, and at the same time has led the way in commending good management efforts which lead to improved land management.

We who have passed the active duty stage, along with those still in the ranks, are proud and fortunate to have and recognize a leader who insists on doing, and having done, the right things for the public lands of this country.  As Margaret Mead was quoted in the first issue of the Public Lands Monitor (May 1988 issue): Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

George, we count on you to lead us to a better world in the next century.  Thank you for being a fine example of a leader.