Landscape Stewardship Awards - 2008

Presentation of Landscape Stewardship Award to Jan Holder: Left to right: Scott Cooke, Safford Field Office Manager; Jan Holder, Executive Director, Gila Watershed Partnership; Glen Collins, Arizona PLF Representative; and Joanie Losacco, representing BLM Arizona State Director, Elaine Zielinski.

JAN HOLDER has been described as “the heart and soul” of the Gila Watershed Partnership (GWP).  Ms. Holder has brought together a diverse group of stakeholders to hold meaningful consensus-driven discussions that have led to positive actions.

Letters enthusiastically recommending Ms. Holder for the award were received from Frank A. Hayes, Clifton District Ranger, Apache-Sitgraves National Forests; Craig P. Wilcox, Forest Silviculturist, Coronado National Forest; Bill Brandau, Graham County Cooperative Extension Director; Kristine Uhlman, Director for the Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials Program, Arizona Cooperative Extension; and David J. Henson, Biology Instructor and Coordinator of Desert Riparian Studies, Eastern Arizona College.

Terms they used to describe Jan Holder were, “action-oriented,” “excellent management skills,” “wears many hats and deals with a broad range of individuals,” “great facilitator,” “catalyzed trust amongst private and public interests to focus on a shared goal of stewardship,” “a driving force in the improvement of the Upper Gila Watershed,” “well respected as a person that can get the job done,” and “ability to work across all jurisdictions with a variety of people to solve problems,” to name just a few.

The Gila Watershed Partnership includes more than 25 government entities, organizations, ranchers, businesses, educational institutions, and private landowners.  Since its formation in 1992, the Partnership has secured more than $2.5 million in grants that have been utilized for research and watershed improvements in the Gila Watershed within Graham and Greenlee counties.  Projects are both landscape in scale and site specific.  None of these projects or successful grants would have been possible without the leadership, vision and purpose that Ms. Holder provided to motivate others to actively participate.  Throughout more than 15 years with the Gila Watershed Partnership, Ms. Holder’s diplomacy and leadership have resulted in greater trust, commitment and shared stewardship responsibility among people and institutions who participate. This has led to enhanced stewardship of public resources within the watershed.

The Public Lands Foundation is pleased to grant Jan Holder this Landscape Stewardship Award.