Landscape Stewardship Certificates of Appreciation - 2008

THE PUBLIC LANDS FOUNDATION presents the Kirby Creek Coordinated Resource Management (CRM) Group with a Landscape Stewardship Certificate of Appreciation and Citation.  The Foundation grants this recognition to honor private citizens and organizations who work to advance and sustain community-based stewardship on landscapes that include, in whole or in part, public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Candidates for the award include any private citizen or citizen group of the United States who, over the past 1-5 years, has demonstrated sustained outstanding leadership, vision, and purpose in contributing to BLM’s efforts and in motivating other citizens and institutions to work together to more effectively manage whole landscapes, including watersheds, planning or management units, and other land systems upon which people share a common interest.

In the nomination of Kirby Creek CRM, Mike J. Phillips, Worland Assistant Field Manager, states “The Kirby Creek CRM was organized in 2001.  The Kirby Creek CRM group’s mission is to assess, maintain and enhance the quality of the Kirby Creek Watershed through a voluntary cooperative process while protecting the quality of life, custom, and culture, and economic base of the community.  It is currently comprised of individuals, landowners, state and Federal and local agencies working together.” The Kirby Creek watershed covers about 200 square miles involving about 128,000 acres.  There are 27 grazing allotments and 20 operators within this area. The majority of the land (65%) is public, 20% is private and 15% is state lands.

Numerous organizations and individuals committed resources to address the Kirby Creek watershed concerns, including: Hot County Conservation District, Hot Springs Extension Service, University of Wyoming, Hot Springs County Weed and Pest, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the State of Wyoming, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and private landowners.  A steering committee was made up of agricultural producers, federal and state conservation personnel, elected officials, and other community members.  Their goal was to find various sources of obtaining grant funding, in-kind matching funds, or other support for the watershed.

An investment of approximately $1,300,000 has been expended through various funding sources for improvements, such as weed control, fencing, stream bank restoration, off site water development and historic channel restoration.  These projects assisted in better livestock distribution which in turn has improved sage grouse and riparian habitat, with increased cottonwoods, willows and beaver activity along Kirby Creek.  The CRM implemented water monitoring and assisted the help of a Hot Springs County High School science class to carry out testing.  Over 300 students have been involved in the project since 2003.

The Public Lands Foundation is pleased to present the Kirby Creek Coordinated Resource Management Group with this Citation and a Certificate of Appreciation for invaluable contributions to the stewardship of America’s public landscapes.

George Lea
June 28, 2016