Outstanding Public Lands Professional Awards - 2023

Manager/Managerial - Administrative Category

Lance Porter
From left: Bill Lamb, Greg Sheehan, Lance Porter, Mary Jo Rugwell

The Public Lands Foundation is proud to present the 2023 Outstanding Public Lands Professional Employee Award in the Managerial/Operational Category to Lance Porter, Green River District Manager, Utah.

Mr. Porter has been an exceptional leader for more than thirty years, championing the BLM mission of sustainable multiple use throughout the Canyon Country and the Green River District as District Manager of the all-inclusive 10.2 million acres.

‘Leading together’ since 2013, planning and design have been achieved with no one left behind, no voice dismissed, no idea insignificant. Employees found encouragement, assessment and gentle direction under Lance’s guiding hand. His employees are high on his list of favorite people and he has witnessed their growth, development and dedication to the goals of the BLM. Working together with other leaders, they designed the first BLM Line Officer training, which seeks to help aspiring leaders be more prepared to take on new and challenging positions.

The Bear Ears National Monument Management Plan, the Moab Master Leasing Plan and the John D. Dingell Jr. Conservation, Management and Recreation Act – Public Law 116-9 were all successfully implemented under Lance’s watchful eye – guiding employees, stakeholders, partners, and the public through fruitful discussion and decision-making to achieve outstanding results.

Always a collaborator, Mr. Porter has fostered healthy working relationships with all stakeholders and partner agencies. He has recognized the impacts of changing use, visitation and policy changes and has had the foresight to address these challenges proactively to protect and conserve public lands for future generations and enhance visitor experiences.

As Associate State Director for BLM in New Mexico and Utah his vision and work for the public lands were to protect while at the same time use and enjoy!

The Public Land is well protected under Lance Porter’s leadership. His love for the mission to preserve the land, enjoy the land and support respectful changes in minerals, recreation and use has left its mark and it is truly remarkable to witness the energy of one person – Lance Porter, and what an impact one person – Lance Porter can make…. and has made!

Because of his commitment to public land management, the Public Lands Foundation recognizes Lance Porter with its Outstanding Public Lands Professional Award in the Managerial/Administrative category for 2023.


Mary Jo Rugwell, President

September 25, 2023