Outstanding Public Land Professional Group Award - 2001

GARTH SQUIRES (Natural Resource Advisor, Miles City, MT Field Office); DWAYNE ANDREWS (Eastern Montana Resource Advisory Council); and WILLIAM MILTON (Eastern Montana Resource Advisory Council) are the 2001 recipients of PLF’s Outstanding Public Lands Professional Group Award.

The award recognizes the group for developing a travel management plan for the Knowlton area, a checker-boarded ownership area of more than 40,000 acres of federal land intermingled with private and state land, with limited public access.

The group used a grassroots approach with participation from landowners, recreationalists, and commercial outfitters to develop a travel management plan for off-road vehicles that will serve as a model for similar efforts.

Over a 12-month period, the group participated in 26 working and public meetings with project stakeholders to develop a plan with broad support.  Bill Milton is a rancher at Roundup, Montana, and Dwayne Andrews is a Montana State Employee.