Outstanding Public Lands Professional Awards - 2006

Technical/Operational Category

Rich Hanson
Rich Hanson

THE PUBLIC LANDS FOUNDATION has named Richard “Rich” Hanson, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Outdoor Recreation Planner for the Phoenix, Arizona District as the Outstanding Public Lands Professional Technician for 2006.

Foundation President George Lea announced the selection, which recognizes Hanson for not only an outstanding 28-year career with BLM, but also for is leadership and professionalism in establishing the world-class Black Canyon Trail System recognized nationally by receiving the 2006 Take Pride in America Award.

Rich’s dedication and commitment took the Black Canyon Trail effort from being a contentious issue to one of the district’s proudest accomplishments during 2006.  To meet the challenge of developing the recreation trail, Rich formed the Black Canyon Trail Coalition of key local citizens to develop support for the trail designation.

The trail began as a prehistoric Native American pathway that linked local settlements together later to become a major route during the 1600s for the movement of livestock and people.

This achievement will be permanently inscribed on the “Hall of Fame Award” plaque at the Bureau of Land Management headquarters in Washington, D. C.  This is another example of a professional career employee’s willingness to chart new direction in protecting and enhancing natural resources.