#35 Memoradums, Missouri River Basin Commission, listed below: #35A Work Group No. 1 Weekly Change from Bob Horner, October 17, 1980. #35B Minutes November 6-7 Meeting from Bob Horner, December 15, 1980. #35C Node Basin Maps from Bob Horner, December 17, 1980. #35D Water Rights Information from Bob Horner, January 5, 1981. #35E Minutes January 14 Meeting from Joe Marsky, January 28, 1981. #35F Work Group Activities Status, May 14, 1981. #35G Draft Work Group Report from Joe Marsky, August 27, 1981.

#36 Missouri River Basin Study Maps with Archival Value: #36A State of Wyoming Stream Fishery Classification Map (color coded), Wyoming Fish and Game Department, 1961. #36B Montana Stream Fisheries Classification Map, USDI/Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Missouri River Basin Studies, 1959. #36C A Classification of Montana Fishing Streams, USDI/Bureau of Sports Fisheries and Wildlife, Missouri River Basin Studies, 1959 (revised 1965), #36D Missouri River Basin Node Basin Boundaries, Missouri River Basin Commission, June 1980.