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We honor the men and women who have labored hard and managed well that others may find the climb less steep.

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ADM: Asst Dist Manager
AFC: Alaska Fire Center
AM: Area Manager
ASD: Assoc State Director
BIFC: Boise - Fire Center
CCC: Civilian Cons Corps
DG: District Grazier
DM: District Manager
DO: District Office
DOI: Dept of the Interior
DSC: Denver Service Ctr
EPA: Environ Prot Agency
FM: Field Manager
FO: Field Office
FS: Forest Service

GLO: General Land Office
GS: Grazing Service
LOM: Land Office Mgr
MMS: Mineral Mgmt Serv
MNO: Minneapolis Office
MRB: MO Rivr Basin Proj
NCA: Nat'l Conserv Area
NIFC: Nat'l - Fire Center
NLCS: Nat'l L'scape Consv
NO: New Orleans Office
NOC: Nat'l Ops Ctr
NTC: Nat'l Training Cntr
OAS: Office Aircraft Serv
O&C: OR-CA Railroad Land
OCS: Outer Contntl Shelf

PLF: Public Lands Foundation
PTC: Phoenix Trng Cntr
PSC: Portland Serv Cntr
RA: Resource Area
RAM: Resource Area Mgr
SD: State Director
SO: State Office, combined with state abbreviation, e.g.:
AKSO for Alaska SO;
ESO for Eastern SO; UTSO for Utah SO, etc.
TVA: Tenn Valley Auth'ty
USFS: US Forest Service
USGS: US Geo Survey
VRM: Visual Res Mgmt
WO: Washington Office

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