Archive Number Title Date Location
29.03 “200 years-Survey System in Oregon and Washington Oregon/Washington
193.00 “SURVEYING AND LAND INFORMATION SYSTEMS”, BLM Cadastral Survey Issue, 1991 1/1/1991 Bureauwide
194.00 “Running Line”-Recollections of Surveyors, DOI publication, 1991 1/1/1991 Bureauwide
264.00 Miscellaneous Land Survey Markers, including brass caps, metal location poster from Division of Grazing inscribed with “US Public Lands This Side Only”, etc. Bureauwide
287.00 “Restoration of Lost or Obliterated Corners” DOI/BLM pamphlets 1952-1960 Bureauwide
319.00 “To Measure the Earth”, USDI Pamphlet. Reprint from Our Public Lands, Fall, 1997 10/1/1997 Bureauwide
334.00 “LANDMARKS” USDI/BLM publication on cadastral survey 10/1/1962 Bureauwide
335.00 Miscellaneous Materials and publications on cadastral surveying on public lands Bureauwide
390.00 “Principle Meridians of the Federal System of Rectangular Survey” Bureauwide
401.00 “Surveys and Surveyors of the Public Domain” by Lola Cazier, 1984, US Government Printing Office. Autographed copy donated by Tina Pitcairn-Wiley. 1/1/1984 Bureauwide
543.00 Miscellaneous photos on Cadastral Survey Bureauwide
633.00 “Surveying and Land Information Systems”, from the Journal of American Congress on Surveying and mapping, December, 1991 Booklet 9/1/1991 Bureauwide
637.00 Cadastral Survey Tree Scribe Tool (old) and write up. Found 1972. Bureauwide
795.00 Manual of Instruction for the Survey of ehe Public Lands-1930, DOI. Bureauwide
871.00 Surveying- from Our Public Lands, Spring, 1984. Bureauwide
875.00 “Surveying Our Public Lands”, Brochure- 1960. Bureauwide
880.00 “Initial Points of the Rectangular Survey System”, by C. Albert White, book. Bureauwide
1506.00 Historical Data relating to the Office of Surveyor General, 1937. Oregon/Washington
1549.00 Public Land Surveying: A Profession, DSC pamphlet, 1981. Bureauwide