Archive Number Title Date Location
2.00 Birth and History of Lands and Minerals School and Training Center by Paul Rigtrup 5/6/1992 Bureauwide
10.00 Missouri River Basin Land Classification Project including personnel list by Nielson, R.D. Bureauwide
56.00 Surface Protection Seminar-AK 1/1/1976 Alaska
62.00 “What Can Land Exchanges Accomplish?” by Marion Clawson from American Forests magazine 6/1/1965 Bureauwide
65.00 “FRACTURED PATTERNS-HISTORY OF BLM” Part 1 “The Public Disposal Era”, and Part 2 “Conservation and Beyond” by Jim Muhn and Larry Pointer. 12/1/1986 Bureauwide
86.00 Trans-Alaska Pipeline Material-1970’s Alaska
96.00 Lands and Minerals School Classes Bureauwide
123.00 Land Exchange Issues, miscellaneous articles, papers, etc. Bureauwide
144.00 FBI Investigation of Steagall-Lawrence Land Exchange in Alaska. 8/17/1960 Alaska
157.00 Federal Land Office, Burns Oregon, 1889-1891 Oregon/Washington
163.00 BLM-Forest Service Interchange Proposals, 1984-1985 1/1/1985 Bureauwide
169.00 Navajo Tribe Application to purchase Public Lands in House Rock Valley, Arizona report 3/1/1976 Arizona
174.00 “The Small Tract Act-A Guide” BLM publication and miscellaneous materials 4/1/1980 Bureauwide
181.00 BLM-Forest Service Boundary Study-Arizona, file and Binder Arizona
183.00 BLM-Forest Service Interchange-National, file and Binder Bureauwide
201.00 100th Anniversary of the Homestead Act-1962 1/1/1962 Bureauwide
203.00 Scrip Information, 1940’s and 1950’s Bureauwide
211.00 “Acquisition and Disposal of the Public Domain”, thesis by Marvin Kiemme, Yale School of Forestry 1/1/1935 Bureauwide
243.00 “Workshop on Public Land Acquisition and Alternatives”, Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Report 10/1/1981 Bureauwide
251.00 Railroad Maps of the United State” A selected annotated bibliography of Original 19th Century Maps in the Geographic and Map Division of Library of Congress, as compiled by Andrew M. Modelski. 1/1/1975 Bureauwide
271.00 “Homesteading on Vacant Public Lands in the Continental United States” DOI/BLM publication, and other miscellanieous publications. 1/1/1960 Bureauwide
280.00 Location of District Land Offices 1820-1950 1/1/1958 Bureauwide
299.00 “Creative Federalism and the Retention or Disposition of Public Lands.” Arizona Law Review, Vol. 8 No. 1,Fall, 1966 10/1/1966 Bureauwide
301.00 “The Disposition of the Public Domain in Oregon.” Dissertation by Jerry O’Callaghan Submitted to the Department of History and the Committee on Graduate Study at Stanford University with Memorandum of the Chairman to the Committee of Interior and Insular Affairs, US Senate,86th Congress, 2nd Session. Autographed by J. O. to Dick Johnson. 11/1/1960 Oregon/Washington
303.00 “The First Homesteader, 1862-1962.” USDI/BLM Pamphlet 1/1/1962 Bureauwide
305.00 “The Louisiana Purchase.” USDI/BLM Pamphlet 1/1/1959 Bureauwide
316.00 Appraisal review re: Henderson, Nevada Sale 10/31/1968 Nevada
343.00 Classification and Multiple Use Act History by Glen Collins Bureauwide
385.00 “CommunityRecreation and Public Domain” BLM/DOI Brochure onRecreation and Public Purposes Acts disposals. 5/1/1963 Bureauwide
393.00 National Wildlife Federation vs. Secretary of Interior-1985 1/1/1985 Bureauwide
424.00 “Energy Transportation Systems” Conference Report 5/1/1981 Bureauwide
427.00 BLM Environmental Impact Statements-Various Subjects. Rangeland Reform, 1991; Transportation Kaiparowits Utah, 1979; APTUS Hazardous Waste Facility, 1988; Arizona State Wild and Scenic Rivers, 1994; Maricopa Complex Wilderness, 1994 Bureauwide
449.00 Solicitor’s Opinions on Grazing Districts in relation to Federal Power Act, 2001 and 2003 1/19/2001 Bureauwide
472.00 Public Land Application Moratorium, miscellaneous materials 1961-1963 Bureauwide
473.00 Public Land Scrip, miscellaneous material 1963 Bureauwide
528.00 Miscellaneous Photos on Lands/Realty Management Bureauwide
547.00 Miscellaneous Photos of Lands/Realty/Appraisal and Mineral Meetings and Conferences. Bureauwide
631.00 “Problems of Spanish and Mexican Land Grants in the Southwest: Their Origin and Extent” by Charles T. Dumar and Malcolm Ebright, 1982 Bureauwide
647.00 “Small Tract Report, Weaverville-Lewistown Area” Example of early Lands/Mineral reports by Glen Collins. 1/4/1957 California
655.00 “Railroad Grant Lands of Nevada” by Cruz Venstrum, Bureau of Ag Economics. A report on the economic impactof Railroad Grants. 10/1/1939 Nevada
665.00 “Recreation and Public Purposes Act”, document by BLM, 1994 10/1/1994 Bureauwide
670.00 “Cronology of Public Land Disposal Policies and Practices”, GPO document 9 287 10, Author Unknown Bureauwide
673.00 Miscellaneous Materials regarding Legal Issues on Railroad ROW’s. Includes notebook prepared by Theodore (Ted) Bingham, June, 2005. Bureauwide
703.00 “Sweet Land Exchange” Paper on involvent of Point Reyes National Seashore exchanges in Oregon, 1961-1969 Oregon/Washington
704.00 Master Title Plats and Serial Indexes from Phoenix District Office. Arizona
712.00 Article on Classification from “OUR PUBLIC LANDS” July, 1960 7/1/1960 Bureauwide
714.00 “Little Known Facts” by Tom Reitmeyer and Jeanne Jacobs on Lands Record System in Arizona 2/1/2003 Arizona
719.00 Issue Paper on validity of Desert Land Entries based on percolating water in Arizona. Arizona
726.00 Map of Arizona displaying rainfall zones for processing Enlarged Homesteads. 6/30/2018 Arizona
737.00 “An Informal History of Land Tenure Patterns in Arizona since Statehood” by Dean Bibles and Bill Ruddick. 7/1/2000 Arizona
798.00 Appraisal of Real Property- Handbook, USDI, 1961. Bureauwide
799.00 Land Exchange Process Working, but Can Be Improved- GAO Report to Congress, February 1987. Bureauwide
800.00 ALMRS-Automated Land and Mineral Record System-1985. Bureauwide
803.00 “What is RS 2477? From BLM Utah Spectrum, Vol. IV, Issue 03, August, 1991 Utah
820.00 Land Rush- at the opening of the Cherokee Outlet, from Our Public Lands, July, 1959. New Mexico
821.00 Land Rush- Oklahoma, from Our Public Lands, Summer, 1976. New Mexico
834.00 Homestead Application, Woodrow Simpson, Monticello DO, Utah. Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1970. Utah
849.00 Public Land Rentention and Management Issues, 1930’s-1970’s. Bureauwide
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878.00 “California, Going, Going……” from California Tomorrow, 1962. California
879.00 “The Public Land Office Records”, USDI brochure, 1959. Bureauwide
884.00 Policy on Land Withdrawals, 1949. 11/8/1949 Bureauwide
887.00 “Creative Federalism and the Retention or Disposition of Public Lands”, by Charles Stoddard and Jerry O’Callaghan, Fall, 1966. Bureauwide
891.00 The Public Land Sales Act of 1964. Bureauwide
893.00 The Foundation of Land Records”, by Clark L. Gumm. Bureauwide
896.00 “Public Land Moratorium”, paper on 18 Month Moratorium on Lands Actions, April, 1961. 1/1/1962 Bureauwide
909.00 Withdrawal for Classification of All Public Lands, EO #6910 and #7048, signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt Bureauwide
916.00 Memorials to Ed Rowland and Kelly Johnson regarding the establishment of McDowell Mountain Park, AZ 1/15/2008 Arizona
920.00 Value of Land Transferred for less than Fair Market Value, 1964-1966 1/11/1967 Bureauwide
927.00 “The Last Tree Claim” by Olga Curtis, reprint from Denver Post in Our Public Lands, Spring 1978 Colorado
928.00 “What Was Ahead for Alaska’s Homesteaders” by James Matthews from Our Public Lands, October 1959 Alaska
929.00 “To Homestead In Alaska” from Our Public Lands, January 1952 Alaska
930.00 “How We Acquired our Landed Estate” Parts 1,2 and 3 by Karl Landstrom from Our Public Lands, July 1954 7/1/1954 Bureauwide
936.00 “Old Land Laws Out of Touch with the Times” by Henry Beauchamp from Our Public Lands, Autumn 1981 Bureauwide
937.00 “New Facts About Agricultural Lands Laws” by Irv Senzel from Our Public Lands, July 1962 July 1962 Bureauwide
964.00 Stock Driveways Regulations and Guidelines for use, undated. Bureauwide
965.00 Approximate Area of Federal Land in the States, 1781-1950 Bureauwide
975.00 Handbook for Lands,Recreation and Mineral Resources in Montana Districts by Montana State Office, 1963 Montana
979.00 Land Classification in the BLM, USDI/BLM booklet by Robert Jones, February 1962 Bureauwide
981.00 Condemnation- BLM Handbook H-2101-2, 1987 Bureauwide
984.00 “BLM’s Empire Ranch: Not Just Another Pretty Place”, by Jan Barstand in Arizona Highways, September 1990 9/1/1990 Arizona
993.00 Leasing of Land in Reclamation Withdrawals, memo from Assistant Secretary Warner, November 23, 1949 11/23/1949 Bureauwide
998.00 “Lands Records-Where they came from and How we got them” Flyer, BLM Eastern States Office, 2008 Eastern States
999.00 “Vacant Public Lands” Area by State and Other Information, Brochure BLM, August 1955 8/1/1955 Bureauwide
1001.06 Proposed MUM Classification for Copper River Planning, 1968. Alaska
1002.09 Proposed MUM Classification for White Mountains, Forty Mile, Bornite and Baldwin Planning Areas, 1968. Alaska
1038.04 “Red Tape Cut”-First Three Patents Issued at State Level. 3/7/1963 Montana
1047.01 Scattered Tracts Go to the Auction Block, 1955. Montana
1108.00 “Total Percent Federally Owned Land in the United States”, BLM Chart, 1950’s Bureauwide
1109.00 “Acquisition of Easements by Purchase or Condemnation Guidelines”, BLM document compiled by Doug Morrison Bureauwide
1120.00 “Jack Rabbit Homestead” Tracing the Small Tract Act in Southern California California
1138.00 Grassroots of American-Index of Land Grant Claims 1789-1837 by Phillip W. McMullin, 1972. Bureauwide
1142.00 “Split Estates-Rights, Responsibilities and Opportunities”, BLM Pamphlet, 2006. Bureauwide
1173.00 A summary of Agricultural Potential for Desert Land Entries in Nevada, by Judy Nelson, May, 1979. 5/1/1979 Nevada
1187.00 First Land Patent Issued in United States, March 4, 1788. (Copy) Bureauwide
1189.00 Appraisals for Communication Sites throughout Arizona, 1960’s Arizona
1218.00 Alaska, Surveillance of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Valdez to Prudhoe Bay, Summer of 1976, Interagency Team document. Alaska
1219.00 Alaska, Wildlife Atlas:Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Valdez to Prudhoe Bay, Summer of 1976, Interagency Team document. Alaska
1220.00 Alaska, Environmental Assessment Atlas-Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, BLM Report, July 1973. 7/1/1973 Alaska
1222.00 Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Research Limited-Research at Inuvik, Alaska. Undated. Alaska
1223.00 Alaska Haul Road-Trans-Alaska Pipeline Tour, Briefing Book (Binder) for Tour June 7-10, 1976. 10/7/1976 Alaska
1246.00 Land Status Map of Alaska showing C&MU Classifications, State Selections, Withdrawals, etc. Alaska
1255.00 Decisions Affecting Ownership of Alaska’s Inland Waters, by Joan A. Hagans, BLM Alaska document. Alaska
1262.00 Alaska Land, Facts, and Issues by the League of Women Voters, May 1974. Alaska
1263.00 Multi-Modal Transportation Utility Corridor Systems in Alaska, Preliminary Concepts, October 1974 Alaska
1264.00 Mult-Modal Transportation Utility Corridors Systems, Generalized Description of 40 Corridors, November 1979 Alaska
1265.00 Environmental Engineering Investigation along the Yukon River-Prudhoe Bay Haul Road, Alaska, March 1976. Alaska
1266.00 Trans-Alaska Pipeline Atlas Alaska
1267.00 GAS ARTIC SYSTEMS-Gas Systems to the Lower 48, undated. Alaska
1268.00 Trans-Alaska Pipeline Federal Surveillance Report, January 1976. Alaska
1270.00 “Oil and the Pipeline” article from Anchorage Times January 8, 1977. Alaska
1306.00 BLM and the Small Tract Act in the Southern California Desert-A Brief History, by Lou Bellesi California
1307.00 More Information about the California Small Tract Program, Ted Bingham, Senior Lands Officer, BLM California
1318.00 “The Public Domain- Acquisition or Disposition, 1940 Bureauwide
1326.00 “Alaska Pipeline, The”, Miscellaneous Materials in a Notebook, Mid 1970’s. Alaska
1362.00 Lands Status Map-Western Oregon, Area I, 1957 Oregon/Washington
1364.00 O&C National Forest Exchange Act, PL-426 of 1954. Oregon/Washington
1383.00 Homesteading in the Continental United States, prepared by Secretary Krug and Director Marion Clawson. Information relating to Homestead Laws and Regulations. Bureauwide
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1387.00 Land Exchange Activities in BLM, Inspector General Report, 1991. Bureauwide
1388.00 Federal Lands-Information on Lands Owned and Acreage with Conservation Restrictions, GAO Report, January, 1995 Bureauwide
1393.00 Railroads and Public Lands by Theodore Bingham Bureauwide
1403.00 “Evnvironmental Criteria for Electric Transmission Systems”, 1970. Bureauwide
1413.00 Master Title Plats for Phoenix District 6/1/2006 Arizona
1423.00 “The Impact of Power Transmission Lines and Their Effect on the Southwest Environment”, 1970 Bureauwide
1426.00 “The Point Reyes Land Exchange Program”, USDI/BLM pamphlet, 1960’s. Bureauwide
1435.00 Notices of Proposed Multiple Use Management Classifications in Utah Counties-Sevier, Piute, Garfield, Uintah, Daggett, and Washington Counties, 1970. Utah
1449.00 Land Patent signed by President Madison 1-13-1813 1-13-1813 Eastern States
1450.00 Land Patent signed by President Monroe 7-10-1817 7-10-1817 Eastern States
1458.00 “The Biggest Land Title Office in the World”, 1982, article from Your Public Lands, by Dora Savage and Herndon. Eastern States
1505.00 Arizona Land Exchanges, by Glendon Collins, 2014 10/31/2014 Arizona
1507.00 Schedule of Land-Grant and Bond-Aided Railroads of the U.S., 1922. Bureauwide
1508.00 1862-1962 Centennial Trans-Continental Railroad Land Grants, 1962. Bureauwide
1511.00 Questions and Answers about Indian Allotments on Public Lands, 1964. Bureauwide
1513.00 Homesteading in Arizona, 1870-1942. Arizona
1530.00 Desert Land Activity in Nevada, 1950 to 1969 and 1950 to 1965, files of Charles Hancock. Nevada
1531.00 The Public Lands and Their Classification by A.L. Simpson, Area Land Officer, BLM, Area 2, Salt Lake City, Utah. Bureauwide
1532.00 Agricultural Potential in Nevada, by Charles Hancock, 1962. Nevada
1534.00 Memo, Article and USDA IG reports regarding Dreyfus Zephyr Cove land exchange, 2001-2002. Nevada
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1587.00 Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Homestead And Preference Rights, Circular No. 302, July 22, 1930. Bureauwide
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1601.00 Land Classification Report for Spring Valley, Ely District Office by A. L. Simpson, August 7, 1957. 8/7/1957 Nevada