Archive Number Title Date Location
29.04 Kiger Mustang-Burns District, Burns Oregon Oregon/Washington
29.05 Wild Horse Corrals at Burns District, Burns Oregon Oregon/Washington
57.00 “Rangeland Management-Improvement Needed in Federal Wild Horse Program” GAO report 8/20/1990 Bureauwide
239.00 “Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros”, Final Report of National Research Council 1/1/1982 Bureauwide
250.00 “MUSTANG”, the magazine for Adopters of Wild Horses and Burros. An informational guide. 5/1/1989 Bureauwide
272.00 Adoption materials for WH&B, including bumper stickers, pen, animal collars, number tags, pamphlets, etc. Bureauwide
283.00 Agreement Letter on the first known Wild Horse roundup under the Taylor Grazing Act. 9/5/1938 Wyoming
352.00 Miscellaneous WH&B publications, news clippings, etc. Bureauwide
531.00 Miscellaneous photos on WH&B Management Bureauwide
715.00 Miscellaneous Papers on Wild Horse and Burro Management in Oregon in the 1970’s. Oregon/Washington
717.00 Wild Horse and Burro Statistics and Inventory in Oregon in the 1970’s Bureauwide
718.00 FBI investigation of Airplane crash in related to Wild Horse and Burro Program near Lake View, Oregon, 1971. Oregon/Washington
759.00 “Studies of the Relationship between Desert Bighorns and Feral Burros in the Black Mountains in Northwestern Arizona”, by Thomas J. McMichael, Master’s Thesis. Arizona
789.00 Administration of the Wild Horse and Burro Act, PL 92-195. A report to Congress and Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior, June 1974 Bureauwide
915.00 Wild Horse and Burro Management Areas in Nevada. BLM brochure on Wild Horse and Burro management in Nevada. 1999? Nevada
947.00 Policy for Euthansia of Wild Horse and Burros, Instuction Memo No. 2009-041. Bureauwide
987.00 “Wild Horses Strories and Activities”, by Carol Ann Moorhead, Denver Museum of Natural History. Bureauwide
1011.02 “Bakerfield Boom in Burros” from Our Public Lands, Spring 1965. California
1034.01 Howe Wild Horse Gather, 1970’s Idaho
1339.00 Rangeland Management: Improvements Needed in Federal Wild Horse Program, GAO Report, August, 1990. 8/1/1990 Bureauwide
1359.00 “Wild Horse and Burro Program-BLM”, Report by Office of the Inspector General, USDOI, Report No. C.I.S.-BLM-0018-2010. Bureauwide
1360.00 Wild Horse and Burro Advisary Board Report to Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior, December, 1986 12/1/1986 Bureauwide
1430.00 “Progress Report-Bookcliff Horses” 5/25/1970 Utah
1459.00 Procedures for placement of Wild Horses, 1975, Burns District Oregon/Washington
1460.00 BLM Reports on management of Wild Horses in Battle Mountain District Office, Nevada. 1970-1980’s, Nevada
1461.00 Administrative and Court Decisions on Wild Horses in Nevada, 1970-1990’s Nevada
1471.00 Nevada BLM and Federal District Court Decisions on Wild Horse Issues involving Joseph B. Fallini, 1986. Nevada
1504.00 Wild Horse Sanctuary-Palomino Valley, by Les Sweeney, 2015 10/1/2015 Nevada