Archive Number Title Date Location
212.00 “TRESPASS HANDBOOK”, DOI-BLM publication,1950 1/1/1950 Bureauwide
357.00 BLM Law Enforcement Bureauwide
399.00 “The Klumps-A Story of Grazing Trespass in Arizona” BLM report, 1992 1/1/1992 Arizona
542.00 Miscellaneous photos on Law Enforcement Bureauwide
954.00 “The San Simon and the Sevier” by Max Zupo and Perviz Chokhaus from Our Public Lands, Spring 1981 Arizona
1048.03 Reward Offered for Bombing Information 11/18/1993 New Mexico
1456.00 Historical documents on BLM Law Enforcement Program, 1980-2013. Bureauwide
1602.00 Grand Gulch Girl Ranger 1974-1978: A SE Utah BLM Ranger Memoir 2023 Utah