Archive Number Title Date Location
117.00 BLM Fire School, Lewistown Montana 5/1/1964 Montana
216.00 “Forest and Flame in the Bible” DOA Publication, 1962 1/1/1962 Bureauwide
217.00 Miscellaneous Fire Information Bureauwide
322.00 Origin of the Boise Fire Center by Bob Wolf 11/1/2000 Bureauwide
354.00 Wildfire Policy concerning Yellowstone Fire of 1988 1/1/1988 Bureauwide
364.00 Miscellaneous Wildfire Pamphlets issued by National Interagency Fire Center Bureauwide
426.00 Fire Control Handbooks, BLM Documents Bureauwide
456.00 “The Kenai Firemans” Daily Reports and Detail Fire Reports, 1969 Alaska
459.00 Effects of Forest Fires on Interior Alaska, BLM Publication Alaska
541.00 Miscellaneous photos on Fire Bureauwide
688.00 Monthly Highlights from Division of Fire and Aviation, 1988-1992. Bureauwide
785.00 Rangeland Fire Effects- A Symposium by Idaho SO, BLM, 1989. Bureauwide
787.00 Grazing Service Fire Control Handbook, by US Grazing Service, DOI. Bureauwide
1002.06 Firefighting Contact with Villages Alaska
1031.01 “Boise’s Balm for Burn” from Our Public Lands, Winter 1966. Idaho
1073.27 Land Status Map of Vale District Showing Seeding and Brush Control as of 1963 Oregon/Washington
1148.00 “Fuels Management and the BLM”, BLM Booklet by NIFC, 1998-1999. Bureauwide
1149.00 Federal Wildfire Policy-Executive Summary, Federal Wildland Fire Committee. 12/9/1997 Bureauwide
1150.00 Memorial T-Shirt re: Smith Canyon Fire 10/3/1994 Bureauwide
1233.00 Alaska Fire Report-1970, DOI Report,October l, 1970. 10/1/1970 Alaska