Archive Number Title Date Location
266.00 Anasazi Heritage Center information including 1987 video Colorado
269.00 “People of the Desert, Canyons and Pines: Prehistory of the Patagan Country in West Central Arizona” by Connie Stone. BLM Cultural Resource Monograph No. 5. 9/1/1987 Arizona
273.00 “Lewis and Clark- A Brief Account of Their Expedition” DOI/BLM publication 1/1/1973 Bureauwide
306.00 “John Wesley Powell’s Exploration of the Colorado River.” USDI/BLM Pamphlet 1/1/1976 Bureauwide
308.00 “Your Fragile Legacy.” USDI/BLM Pamphlet 1/1/1982 Bureauwide
408.00 “History of Cultural Resources in BLM to 1975” by Lloyd M. Pierson, former BLM, DSC Archeologist, 1999 1/1/1999 Bureauwide
409.00 “A Short Study of Management of Cultural Resources on the Outer Continental Shelf” by Lloyd M. Pierson, DSC Archeologist, 1975 1/1/1975 Bureauwide
416.00 “Historical Survey of the Socorro District” by Alvin Sanders 2/1/1976 New Mexico
537.00 Miscellaneous photos on Cultural Resource Management Bureauwide
551.00 Miscellaneous Photos of Cultural,Recreation, Wilderness, and Special Area Meetings and Conferences Bureauwide
675.00 Micellaneous documents on Cultural Resources on the Public Lands. Bureauwide
835.00 “Mystery of the Cliff”, Ninja Turtles Video and Associated Materials, 1992. Bureauwide
910.00 “Driven to Flight”, Article from High Country News, March 19, 2007 regarding retired BLM Ranger 3/19/2007 Utah
946.00 List of all BLM Archeologist prepared by Ann Ramage, January 2009 Bureauwide
986.00 “Livestock and Lithics”, The Effects of Trampling by John Roonery, 1977. (Nevada Study) 1/1/1977 Bureauwide
1104.00 “Discovering Dinosaurs”, Video of fossil find in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, 2001 10/1/2001 Utah
1184.00 “Idaho’s Historical Sign Program” by Idaho Department of Highways. Idaho
1185.00 BLM History Program. Materials related to proposed program, 1984-1985, by Chip Calamaro. Bureauwide
1228.00 “Iditarod Gold Rush Trail, Seward to Nome”, BLM Booklet, undated. Alaska
1230.00 “The Chilkoot Trail-The Trail of “98”, by Dyea Bennett, State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, No Date. Alaska
1234.00 “Does One Way of Life Have to Die so Another Can Live” by Yupiktak Bistu. Report on Subsistence and Conservation of the Yupik Life Style, December 1974. 12/1/1974 Alaska
1235.00 “Alaska’s Natives and the Land” by Federal Field Committee for Development Planning in Alaska, October 1968. 10/1/1968 Alaska
1341.00 “Conquest of the Lands Through 7000 Years”, Published by DOA/SCS, 1953 Bureauwide
1405.00 Morman Trails on BLM, Miscellaneous Materials Bureauwide
1424.00 “Highway for Homesteaders-The Santa Fe Trail”, article from Our Public Lands, 1965. Bureauwide
1425.00 “The Pony Express Rides Again”, article from Our Public Lands, 1965. Bureauwide
1433.00 Baker, Pearl- Personal recollections “Legends, Traditions, and Family History of the Henry Mountains, Utah, 1962. Utah
1515.00 New Mexico Cutural Resource Management Notes,1989. 7/1/1989 New Mexico
1585.00 Proposed Las Vegas Resource Managent Plan and Final EIS-May 1998 and Record of Decision for Plan-October 1998. Nevada