Archive Number Title Date Location
310.00 Scenic Byways miscellaneous materials Bureauwide
365.00 Pacific Crest Trail Bureauwide
480.00 Miscellaneous materials on Lander Cutoff of the Oregon Trail, Original Order, 11-30-1857 Wyoming
698.00 Winter visitors in Yuma District, Arizona. Miscellaneous documents and reports. Arizona
755.00 “This Land is Your Land”, by David Darlington from VIA. 3/1/2000 Bureauwide
869.00 Oregon Trail Interpretive Center- 1992. Oregon/Washington
984.00 “BLM’s Empire Ranch: Not Just Another Pretty Place”, by Jan Barstand in Arizona Highways, September 1990 9/1/1990 Arizona
1004.02 “Arizona Strip-America’s Tibet”, Colliers Magazine 5/24/1952 Arizona
1004.03 “Planted, Pronghorns Again Roam the Strip”, from Our Public Lands, Spring 1966, Page 15. Arizona
1004.07 Map of Proposed Paria Canyon Primitive Area and Vermillion Cliffs Natural Area, 1968 Arizona
1067.02 “Timberland of Many Uses-Suislaw River Resource Conservation Area, 1970 Oregon/Washington
1129.00 Lower DeschutesRecreation Planning Report, BLM Oregon State Office, February 1971 2/1/1971 Oregon/Washington
1397.00 “National Trails System and the BLM” Bureauwide
1436.00 “Black Canyon Trail Area”, map of area designated by the Secretary of Interior, January 3, 1969. Arizona
1527.00 History of BLM’s Management of the Imperial Sand Dunes by Gerald Hillier. 11/30/2010 California
1551.00 Pacific Coast Trail Hankerchief with map of trail. No date. California