Archive Number Title Date Location
34.00 “Wildlife Legislation”, by Albert E. Carter, Rep. from California in Congressional Record. 2/6/1938 California
77.00 “Desert Tortoise Habitat Management on the Public Lands-A Range Wide Plan” DOI/BLM Document 11/1/1988 Bureauwide
92.00 “A Historical Account of BLM’s Wildlife Program in Oregon and Washington” by Art Oakley 7/1/1995 Oregon/Washington
164.00 Master Plan for the Snake River Birds of Prey by Idaho Nature Conservancy, 1978 1/1/1978 Idaho
172.00 “Lake Havasu Fisheries Improvement-A Partnership Program” BLM Document 4/23/1992 Arizona
185.00 The Leopold Report on Predatory Control 4/28/1964 Bureauwide
219.00 Public Participation on Roswell District Antelope Fence Modifications, Roswell, New Mexico 1/1/1978 New Mexico
253.00 “FISH AND WILDLIFE 2000, A PLAN FOR THE FUTURE”, BLM publication and State Supplements Bureauwide
311.00 “A Passing in Cincinnati, September 1,1964.” USDI Historical Vignettes 1776-1976, Passing of the Passenger Pigeon. 1/1/1976 Bureauwide
336.00 “Wildlife on Public Lands” USDI/BLM publication 1/1/1964 Bureauwide
342.01 Spotted Owl Forestry Problems in Western Oregon, misc. Materials on issue Oregon/Washington
430.00 Livestock/Big Game, Seeking Common Ground on Western Rangelands, Conference Report 9/18/1991 Bureauwide
451.00 Baker and Vale District, Oregon Slides of miscellaneous Range, Wildlife,and Engineering Projects in the 1960’s Oregon/Washington
454.00 Fisheries Study 1967 on Southwest Brooks Range Lakes by BLM and Alaska Fish and Game 1/1/1967 Alaska
534.00 Miscellaneous photos on Wildlife and Fisheries Management Bureauwide
535.00 Miscellaneous photos on T&E Species Management Bureauwide
550.00 Miscellaneous Photos of Wildlife Meetings and Conferences Bureauwide
644.00 “A Grazing History of Southwestern Idaho with Emphasis on the Birds of Prey Area”. USDI report by Dana (Yensen) Quinney 10/14/1980 Idaho
645.00 Early Day Range, Livestock, and Wildlife in Elko, Nevada Area. Nevada
693.00 Proceedings of Forum on Grazing and Riparian/Stream Ecosystems, Denver, Colorado. Publixhed by Trout Unlimited. 11/3/1978 Bureauwide
754.00 “Ecology of the Desert Tortoise in relation to Cattle Grazing”, by Vernon Bostick, 1987. Bureauwide
756.00 Finding a Career, Management Team for Wildlife and Fishery Biologists, BLM Booklet, October 1987. Bureauwide
757.00 Fish and Wildlife 2000-Meeting the Challenge- 1991, Fish Habitat Management-1991, Rare Plants and Upland Game Birds-1992, Training Personnel-July 1987, Status Reports-1988. BLM reports. Bureauwide
758.00 “The First 50 Years for Wildlife Management in BLM, 1936-1985” by unknown. Bureauwide
759.00 “Studies of the Relationship between Desert Bighorns and Feral Burros in the Black Mountains in Northwestern Arizona”, by Thomas J. McMichael, Master’s Thesis. Arizona
856.20 Antelope Fencing in Roswell DO, New Mexico, 1976-1978. Correspondence, Decisions and related Papers. New Mexico
911.00 “Watchable Wildlife” published by BLM/ Defenders of Wildlife, 1990 Bureauwide
949.00 “Return of a Native- Black Footed Ferret”, Wyoming Game and Fish/BLM/USFWS pamphlet Wyoming
994.00 Antelope Death re:Sheep Fences. Letter from Secretary of Interior, Rogers C.B. Morton. 2/14/1973 Bureauwide
997.00 Conventional Signs, Legends and Format for Administrative Maps, USFS, 1922 Bureauwide
1004.03 “Planted, Pronghorns Again Roam the Strip”, from Our Public Lands, Spring 1966, Page 15. Arizona
1006.02 “Return of the Masked Bobwhite Quail”, from Our Public Lands, Page 12. Arizona
1006.04 “Search for the Masked Bobwhite”, from Our Public Lands, Winter 1965. Arizona
1031.02 “Rimrock Bighorns” from Our Public Lands, Fall 1968. Idaho
1181.00 Fish and Wildlife 2000 Oregon/Washington- A Vision for the Future, April, 1992. 4/1/1992 Oregon/Washington
1182.00 Watchable Wildlife Oregon/Washington. Booklet by DOI/BLM, 1991. Oregon/Washington
1207.00 Guidelines and Recommendations for Design and Modification of Livestock Watering Developments, Tech Note 305, by Lanny D. Wilson, September 1977. 9/1/1977 Bureauwide
1208.00 Construction and Management of Stockponds for Waterfowl, Tech Note 327, by Robert . Eng, Jack D. Jones and Frank G. Jersing, January 1979. 1/1/1979 Bureauwide
1209.00 Wildlife Water Basins, Tech Note 298, by William M. Bird, Jr., April 1977. 4/1/1977 Bureauwide
1219.00 Alaska, Wildlife Atlas:Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Valdez to Prudhoe Bay, Summer of 1976, Interagency Team document. Alaska
1225.00 Wildlife Management and Alaska Land Use Decisions by Robert B. Weeden, University of Alaska-Fairbanks, January 1973. 1/1/1973 Alaska
1226.00 “Bald Eagles in Alaska” by Fred Robbards and Allan Taylor, USDA/USDI document. No date. Alaska
1227.00 “To Have and To Hold-Alaska’s Migratory Birds, USDI Booklet, 1973. Alaska
1238.00 Proposed Alaska National Wildlife Refuges, USDI, September 1, 1977. 9/1/1977 Alaska
1247.00 Alaska, “Wildlife of the North Slope-A five year study, 1969-1973” by Angus Gavins, Atlantic Richfield. Alaska
1276.00 “Snake River Birds of Prey Special Research Report”, for Secretary of Interior, BLM Report, June 1979. Idaho
1277.00 “Snake River Birds of Prey Environmental Impact Statement, Draft 1979. Idaho
1368.00 Sage Grouse Conservation Plan Materials, 2003-2004. Bureauwide
1407.00 100th Arizona Centennial, “Tori Tortoise Turns 100. Desert Tortoise Helps BLM Celebrate. Arizona
1414.00 Historic records of Elaine Zielinski form her tenure as State Director of Oregon, 1990’s. Includes documents on the “God Squad(common name), The Spotted Owl, and other resource issues. Oregon/Washington
1422.00 “Where the Bighorn Still Stands”, article from Our Public Lands by Sherman Pearl Bureauwide
1428.00 “Ely Chain”, Wildlife Habitat Technique, 1969 Nevada
1431.00 Miscellaneous materials on Nevada Pupfish Nevada
1452.00 “Becoming Pronghorn” High Country News article about BLM’er Jim Yoakum. 6/24/2013 Oregon/Washington