Archive Number Title Date Location
29.06 Diamond Craters, Burns District, Burns, Oregon Oregon/Washington
29.07 Millican Valley-A Place to Ride, Prinville District, Prinville, Oregon Oregon/Washington
29.08 Letter onRecreation, Bob Hostetter to Gene Peterson Bureauwide
48.00 Johnny Horizon Materials including bags and promo material from George Gurr and others Bureauwide
56.00 Surface Protection Seminar-AK 1/1/1976 Alaska
81.00 “PIONEERING OUTDOORRecreation IN BLM” BY Gene Peterson, book and background material. 1/1/1996 Bureauwide
162.00 “ROOM TO ROAM”, aRecreation guide to the Public Lands,1968 1/1/1968 Bureauwide
170.00 “OFF-ROAD VEHICLES ON PUBLIC LANDS” by Council on Environmental Quality,1979 1/1/1979 Bureauwide
191.00 Westwater Canyon, Colorado River Trip 6/7/1974 Utah
259.00 Slick Rock Bike Trail, Moab, Utah by R.D. Nielson Utah
260.00 Recollections of 1960’sRecreation Program in Utah by R.D. Nielson and Bill Leavell Utah
279.00 California Off-Road Advisory Council (ORVAC), including minutes, resolutions of the council, Photos of OHV use in California Desert, etc. 1969-1972 California
292.00 “OutdoorRecreation Resources Review Commission”, A Report to Congress by the OutdoorRecreation Resource Review Commission, Volumes 1-23. Plus Progress Reports, January 1962, (Separate File Box) Bureauwide
355.00 Public Access to Public Lands. Miscellaneous documents on the issue from files of Ed Zaidlicz Bureauwide
374.00 “The California Desert-a Joint Study by BLM/NPS onRecreation in California Desert, 1968 1/1/1968 California
378.00 Hemet Jeep Club, Annual Field Trip in California desert-1965 California
392.00 OFF-HIGHWAY Vehicle Management Bureauwide
400.00 “Red Rock Canyon” a BLM publication 1991 1/1/1991 Nevada
442.00 “Signing the Public Lands” by Bill Leavell 1/15/1996 Bureauwide
458.00 Revised Wildland Workers Handbook by James Brunner 9/1/2002 Bureauwide
538.00 Miscellaneous photos onRecreation Management Bureauwide
540.00 Miscellaneous photos on Engineering and Access Bureauwide
551.00 Miscellaneous Photos of Cultural,Recreation, Wilderness, and Special Area Meetings and Conferences Bureauwide
667.00 “Recreation 2000, A Strategic Plan”, BLM document. 2/28/1990 Bureauwide
671.00 MicellaneousTransportation Plan documents. Bureauwide
687.00 Recreation 2000, Alaska 5/1/1989 Alaska
698.00 Winter visitors in Yuma District, Arizona. Miscellaneous documents and reports. Arizona
699.00 Engineering Field Tables Bureauwide
749.00 ELURCC (Recreation Capability Classification) Handbook Classification Manual, DOI/BLM Booklet. 8/29/1979 Bureauwide
750.00 Public Lands Access Policy, Press release and Policy, DOI/BLM 11/10/1959 Bureauwide
751.00 Off-Highway Vehicle Use on Public Lands in the 11 Western States and Alaska. Staff report BLM 3/21/1967 Bureauwide
752.00 “OutdoorRecreation in a Nation of Communities”, President’s Commission on American Outdoors. 7/1/1988 Bureauwide
753.00 Information on the Use and Impact of OHVs. GAO Report by Bruce West. 8/18/1995 Bureauwide
755.00 “This Land is Your Land”, by David Darlington from VIA. 3/1/2000 Bureauwide
778.00 Visual Resource Management-Visual Simulation Techniques, BLM Document, 1980. Bureauwide
804.00 Fences-USDI and USDA Handbook, July, 1988. Bureauwide
883.00 “Analysis of Laws Governing Access Across Public Lands- Alaska”, from US Congress. Bureauwide
898.00 “Recreation: An Increasing Use of the Land” from Our Public Lands, Autumn 1982 Bureauwide
907.00 “Provisions for Long RangeRecreation Planning” inRecreation Policy Paper from 4th Annual Management Conference, DOT/BLM, Washington D.C., 1968 Bureauwide
926.00 “Recreation on the Public Lands” by E. K. Peterson, BLMRecreation Specialist, from Our Public Lands, January 1962 1/1/1962 Bureauwide
941.00 OutdoorRecreation Resource Review Commission-1962, 27 Volumes Bureauwide
942.00 “Federal Focal Point in OutdoorRecreation”, Brochure, USDI/BOR, 1962 Bureauwide
975.00 Handbook for Lands,Recreation and Mineral Resources in Montana Districts by Montana State Office, 1963 Montana
988.00 “Strategies for the 1990’s: Timber, Tourism and Community-Economic Stability in the O&C”, BLM document by Gerard J. Hubbard, 1986 Oregon/Washington
996.00 Study results of 9 sites used by off-road vehicles that illustrate land modification by Howard G. Willshire, USGS, 1977 Bureauwide
1006.06 Wise land buying decades ago created largest park system-Maricopa County Parks 1/9/2008 Arizona
1008.02 Chrystal HillsRecreation Area Brochure, 1968 Arizona
1040.02 Recreation Project Plan of DickieRecreation Area, 1988 Montana
1053.01 “Desert Rallies” from Our Public Lands, 1969, by Art Tower. Nevada
1060.07 “New Mexico Cavers Chart Unique Formations” newspaper article New Mexico
1076.02 “Little Hollywood” by Darwin Nelson from Our Public Lands, Summer 1967 Utah
1077.02 “Little Sahara Sand Dune Playground” article from Our Publc Lands, 1971 Utah
1129.00 Lower DeschutesRecreation Planning Report, BLM Oregon State Office, February 1971 2/1/1971 Oregon/Washington
1135.00 “The Western Range Revisited”, Remove Livestock From Public Lands, by Debra L. Donahue, 1999. Bureauwide
1136.00 “Fighting Over Forgotten Lands:The Evolution ofRecreation Provision on the United States Public Lands”. By Ann Marie Poyner, PhD Thesis, 1999. Bureauwide
1170.00 Montana SCORP report, Volume 2, 1978. 3/1/1978 Montana
1177.00 Proposed Revisions to Grazing Regulations for the Publc Lands- Final EIS, FES 04-39, October, 2004. 10/1/2004 Bureauwide
1182.00 Watchable Wildlife Oregon/Washington. Booklet by DOI/BLM, 1991. Oregon/Washington
1228.00 “Iditarod Gold Rush Trail, Seward to Nome”, BLM Booklet, undated. Alaska
1230.00 “The Chilkoot Trail-The Trail of “98”, by Dyea Bennett, State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, No Date. Alaska
1240.00 Alaska, Proposed Wood-Tikchik State Park, by Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks, 1974. Alaska
1369.00 “Mobile Nation”, High Country News article on snowbird use of Public Lands, March, 2010. Bureauwide
1370.00 “OutdoorRecreation Activities”, Report by Bureau of OutdoorRecreation, 1976. Bureauwide
1371.00 “Recreation Fee Demonstration Program”, Report to Congress for FY-1998, by USDI/USDA. 1/31/1999 Bureauwide
1412.00 Civilian Conservation Corp, “The New Deal in Arizona-CCC Developments in Arizona”, 2012 Arizona
1420.00 Early BLMRecreation Materials, Don Stough Collection, 1960’s-1970’s. Bureauwide
1451.00 “Recreation 2000, A Strategic Plan for CaliforniaRecreation”, document by California BLM. 5/1/1990 California
1518.00 “Public Access to Federal Lands:Dilemma” from PLLR, 1982, by Charles S. Lucero. Bureauwide
1550.00 The Motorcycle and Public Lands in California, Pamphlet by CSO, March, 1968 3/1/1968 California
1551.00 Pacific Coast Trail Hankerchief with map of trail. No date. California
1552.00 Off Highway VehicleRecreation. DOI/BLM Pamphlets. No Dates. Bureauwide
1553.00 Operation ORVAC. Recommendations and Guidelines for the management of Off-Road Vehicles on Ppublic Domain Lands in California. BLM Pamphlet. No date. California
1562.00 Nevada Engineer’s Registration Law, as amended, Pamphlet, 1955. Nevada
1580.00 4 Pamphlets on Geodetic Survey Information, 1930-40, by Department of Commerce. Bureauwide