Archive Number Title Date Location
27.00 Poster “Wilderness”, Washington, Oregon, Idaho. BLM-FWS-NPS- FS Oregon/Washington
165.01 Arivaipai Canyon Wilderness Report, 1979, Safford District, Arizona 1/1/1979 Arizona
165.02 Arivaipai Canyon Wilderness Management Plan, 1988, Safford District, Arizona 1/1/1988 Arizona
359.00 “Arizona BLM Wilderness Areas”, maps and information 1/1/1990 Arizona
539.00 Miscellaneous photos on Wilderness and Special Area management Bureauwide
551.00 Miscellaneous Photos of Cultural,Recreation, Wilderness, and Special Area Meetings and Conferences Bureauwide
770.00 Wilderness Management, September 1981- Interim Management Policy and Guidelines, June 1979- Wilderness Inventory Handbook, September 1978. Bureauwide
776.00 California Statewide Wilderness Study, Parts 2 and 3, 1991. California
777.00 Policy on Natural Beauty. I.M.’s from 1965 Bureauwide
779.00 BLM Utah Initial Wilderness Inventory, USDI, BLM, April 1979. Utah
780.00 Directives on Wilderness Resource Consideration in BLM EAR’s and ES’s. 10/27/1978 Bureauwide
781.00 Areas of Critical Environmental Concern on the Public Lands-1986. Bureauwide
908.00 California Statewide Wilderness Report, Part I, Record of Decision, 1991 6/12/1991 California
917.00 “Public Lands- A New Dimension for Wilderness”, a reprint from Our Public Lands, February1977 2/1/1977 Bureauwide
918.00 Miscellaneous Materials on Wilderness, GAO report on Status of Study Reports on WSA’s, September 1993, and Public Land Wilderness Brochure Bureauwide
945.00 Wilderness Materials-Wilderness Bill introduced by Senatior Clinton Anderson Bureauwide
956.00 Dedication of Arizona Desert Wilderness Act, April 6, 1991. Brochures and Materials for event 4/6/1991 Arizona
1003.07 Arizona Wilderness Brochure, 1991 Arizona
1003.18 Arizona-New BLM Wilderness, Arizona Photo 12/1/1990 Arizona
1011.03 “Wool Walk” from Our Public Lands, Fall 1966. California
1040.10 Bear Trap Canyon Lee Metcalf Wilderness Map Montana
1137.00 Steens Mountains Miscellaneous Material re: Establishing a New Designation. Oregon/Washington
1214.00 South Dakota Wilderness Inventory, Initial Inventory Map, USDI/BLM, February 1979. Montana
1252.00 “North Slope Alaska: Man and the Wilderness”, by British Petroleum Alaska, Undated. Alaska
1260.00 Alaska Coalition Mailer on Wilderness, Booklet, Undated. Alaska
1279.00 The National Wilderness System, 1964-1989, Wilderness Society Document, 1989. Bureauwide
1535.00 Complete edition of High Country News regarding different issues regarding Wilderness and the 40th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Numerous authors, March 3, 2003, Volume 35-Number 4. 3/3/2003 Bureauwide
1584.00 Wilderness Inholding Swap Riles Town, Article from High Country News, July 26,1993. 7/26/1993 Bureauwide