Archive Number Title Date Location
2.00 Birth and History of Lands and Minerals School and Training Center by Paul Rigtrup 5/6/1992 Bureauwide
11.00 Minerals Program Evaluation, remarks by Mel Shilling Bureauwide
56.00 Surface Protection Seminar-AK 1/1/1976 Alaska
96.00 Lands and Minerals School Classes Bureauwide
106.00 Oil Well Fire on Platform Charlie-1970, including photos and slides show by Bob Hostetter. Eastern States
116.03 PLF Recommendations on Revision of the Mining Law, 1991 & 1992 Bureauwide
142.00 Hydrologic Reconnaissance of Coal Area in Northern Alabama Eastern States
145.00 Mining Claim Survey of Wyatt Earp Mining Claim, Tombstone, Arizona 11/15/1980 Arizona
147.00 Coal fraud in Alaska, Colliers Magazine 11/13/2009 Alaska
153.00 BLM-MMS mineral leasing merger, Departmental Orders-1982 1/1/1982 Bureauwide
214.00 “Success at Oil Creek, August 27, 1859” DOI Publication 8/27/1976 Bureauwide
288.00 “Guide to Prospecting for Lode Gold” and “Locating Mining Claims on Public Lands” Bureau of Mines Circulars-1950 1/1/1950 Bureauwide
345.00 Oil Shale Decision Controversies in Colorado, 1986 1/1/1986 Colorado
347.00 “The Mining Law, An Antique in Need of Revision”, 1969 1/1/1969 Bureauwide
375.00 Mining Claim Publications, BLM/DOI Bureauwide
440.00 Alaska North Slope Oil and Gas Leasing newpaper articles, 1964-1965. Alaska
455.00 NPRA Oil and Gas Leasing Alaska
464.00 “Field Handbook for Mineral Examiners” BLM-1951 1/1/1951 Bureauwide
465.00 “Placer Examination, Principles and Practices” BLM Tech Bulletin, 1969 1/1/1969 Bureauwide
493.00 “Federal Oil and Gas Leases” Reprint from Our Public Lands, April 1960 by Michael Griller Bureauwide
529.00 Miscellaneous Photos on Minerals Management Bureauwide
547.00 Miscellaneous Photos of Lands/Realty/Appraisal and Mineral Meetings and Conferences. Bureauwide
641.00 Report of Mineral Training Conference, 1959, Salt lake City, Utah. 3/23/1959 Bureauwide
647.00 “Small Tract Report, Weaverville-Lewistown Area” Example of early Lands/Mineral reports by Glen Collins. 1/4/1957 California
666.00 “Is Our Account Overdrawn”, American Mining Congress, by Gary Benethouse and L. Courtland Lee, 1980. Article on the amount of public land withdrawn from mineral entry. Bureauwide
680.00 Option Paper on Phospahate Leasing on Los Padres National Forest, BLM report. California
809.00 Procedures for Obtaining Patent to a Mining Claim, BLM Guide, 1966. Bureauwide
810.00 “Why Mining Is Important”, California SO Booklet, April 1991. 4/1/1991 California
811.00 “AZ Mining Summit- A Guide for Permitting Mining Operations”, Arizona State Office Booklet, 1999. 3/29/1999 Arizona
812.00 Oil Shale Development. Miscellaneous Materials related to Oil Shale. Bureauwide
813.00 Prototype Oil Shale Leasing Program, USOM Booklet, March 1974. 3/1/1974 Utah
814.00 Abandon Mine Land Inventory and Remediation. States Report to the Director Abondon Mine Land Task Force. 11/1/1996 Bureauwide
824.00 “Oil Shale Plan”, from Our Public Lands, Spring 1967. Bureauwide
901.00 “Land Office Boom in Oil Shale Patents” from Our Public Lands, April 1951 4/1/1951 Bureauwide
903.00 Oil, Gas and Mineral leases under the supervision of Geological Survey 12/31/1967 Bureauwide
934.00 “The White Rock That Burns- Oil Shale” by Edwin Montgomery, BLM Mining Engineer, from Our Public Lands, April 1961 4/1/1961 Bureauwide
971.00 “Practical Guide for Prospectors and small Mine Operators in Montana” by Koehler S. Stout, Montana School of Mines, 1955 Montana
972.00 Mineral Policies in USDI, Press Release 10/11/1965 Bureauwide
974.00 “Is This The Way To Get Rich?” by Michael Giller in Reprint from Our Public Lands Bureauwide
975.00 Handbook for Lands,Recreation and Mineral Resources in Montana Districts by Montana State Office, 1963 Montana
1022.02 Naval Oil Shale Reserve Area map and brochure Colorado
1119.00 “Mining and Public Policy in Alaska” by Arlan R. Tussing and Gregg K. Erickson, University of Alaska-Fairbanks, 1964 4/1/1969 Alaska
1142.00 “Split Estates-Rights, Responsibilities and Opportunities”, BLM Pamphlet, 2006. Bureauwide
1180.00 “Hard Rock Mining on the Public Land” by the Council on Enviormental Quality, 1977. Bureauwide
1199.00 “Laws and Regulations-Mining Rights in Arizona”, Arizona Department of Mining and Mineral Resources, January 1994. 1/1/1974 Arizona
1206.02 #2 Yellowstone River Basin Study Area, Surface Coal Mining Impact and Rehabilitation Analysis, No date shown, probably late 1970’s. Montana
1217.00 Alaska’s Energy and Mineral Potential-A Situation Report, by the Alaska Field Operation Center, US Bureau of Mines. Includes set of 7 maps. Alaska
1220.00 Alaska, Environmental Assessment Atlas-Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, BLM Report, July 1973. 7/1/1973 Alaska
1245.00 “We’d Like to Know” Article by Exxon Corporation from Exxon Magazine. Alaska
1248.00 North Slope Alaska, Acreage and Drilling Activity of Petroleum Industry, by Atlantic Richfield. Alaska
1249.00 North Slope Alaska, Map Showing Lands Open and Drawing Dates. Alaska
1250.00 What the Excitement is All About: Potentially Rich North Slope Oil Lands for Lease Here Wednesday, Article and Map, Anchorage Daily Times, September 9, 1969. Alaska
1253.00 A reconnaissance of Tractor Trails and Related Plan Phenomena on the Norht Slope of Alaska, by Jerome R. HoK, BLM document, 1969. Alaska
1254.00 How North Slope Looks Now in the Wake of the Big Lease Sale, from Oil and Gas Journal, 1969. Alaska
1267.00 GAS ARTIC SYSTEMS-Gas Systems to the Lower 48, undated. Alaska
1269.00 Alaska-Oil and the Environment, by Atlantic Richfield Company, undated. Alaska
1270.00 “Oil and the Pipeline” article from Anchorage Times January 8, 1977. Alaska
1271.00 “Northeast by East”, Review of Alaska’s Artic Gas Research by Artic Gas Company, March 1977. Alaska
1274.02 #2 Nonfuel Mineral Resources and the Public Lands-Summary Report, University of Arizona, July 1969. Arizona
1274.03 #3 Nonfuel Mineral Resources and the Public Lands-Volumes1-6, University of Arizona, July 1969. Arizona
1274.04 #4 Summary of Legal Study of Geothermal Resources on Public Lands, July 1969. Bureauwide
1274.05 #5 Legal Study of Geothermal Resources on Public Lands, July 1969. Bureauwide
1274.07 #7 Legal Study of Coal Resources on Public Lands-Summary, December 1968. Bureauwide
1274.08 #8 Legal Study of Coal Resources on Public Lands, December 1968. Bureauwide
1274.13 #13 Legal Study of the Federal Competitive and Non-Competitive Oil and Gas Leasing System, Parts 1,2,3, Appendices A and B, Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, April 1969. Bureauwide
1304.00 1949 Conference on Revision of the Mining Laws Hosted by Dan Goldy, BLM Regional Administrator, for Congressman Compton I. White, written by Karl S. Landstrom. Bureauwide
1305.00 Cracking Down of Mining Claimants by Karl Landstrom. Bureauwide
1327.00 Abandoned Hardrock Mine Inventory Report, GAO. Bureauwide
1328.00 “Plain Facts About Oil”, DOI publication, 1962 Bureauwide
1329.00 Surface Management 3809 Regulations, BLM Scoping Report, September, 1997 9/1/1997 Bureauwide
1330.00 Oil and Gas Engineers Notebook, John Ramsey Reeves, MT/OK, 1925-1940. Montana
1331.00 Inventory of Onshore Federal Lands, Oil and Gas Resources and Reserves, MT,WY, UT, CO, by DOI/DOA/ Energy Department, January, 2003. 1/1/2003 Bureauwide
1332.00 Minerals Management Maps of WY, NDAK, SDAK, 1974 Bureauwide
1409.00 Pumice Cases, An Early Day BLM Case Report 12/1/1950 California
1427.00 “The Mining Law and Multiple Use”, by Jerry O’Callaghan, reprint from the Natural Resources Journal, April, 1967. 4/1/1967 Bureauwide
1432.00 “Multiple Use on Mining Claims”, BLM pamphlet, 1958. Bureauwide
1444.00 Oil and Gas Surface Operating Standards for Oil and Gas Exporation and Development, 1977 1/1/1977 Bureauwide
1559.00 Energy Policy Act of 2005, Section 390, Categorical Exclusions. Enviromental Protections and Process Improvements, BLM Pamphlet. Bureauwide
1568.00 Federal Land Management-The Mining Law of 1872 Needs Revision, GAO Report to Congressional Committees, March 1989. 3/1/1989 Bureauwide
1569.00 “Mutiple Use on Mining Claims”. DOI Pamphlet, 1958 Bureauwide
1570.00 IBLA Decision 83-1000, regarding Portland Cement and Desert Conservation Area reservation in Patent. September, 1984. 9/18/1984 Bureauwide
1571.00 BLM…Lode and Placer Mining Regulations,as amended to and including November 1, 1955, 43CFR, Part 185, Circular 1941. Bureauwide
1572.00 BLM…Information in Regard to Mining Glaims on the Public Domain, Circular 1278. No date. Bureauwide
1573.00 Public Law 585, Amendment to Mineral Leasing and Mining Claim Laws to provide for Multiple Use on these areas. 8/13/1954 Bureauwide
1586.00 43CFR Part 185, Lode and Placer Mining Regulations, 1947 Bureauwide
1590.00 Regulations concerning Oil and Gas Permits and Leases and Rights of Way for Oil and Gas Pipe Lines, Circular No.672, March 11, 1920. 3/11/2020 Bureauwide
1593.00 Information in Regard to mining Claims on th Public Domain, BLM Circular No.1278, signed by Director Fred Johnson. Bureauwide
1600.00 43CFR Part 185, Lode and Placer Mining Regulations, as amended November 1, 1955. DOI/BLM Circular 1941. 11/1/1955 Bureauwide
5354 The Cooperative Conservation Based Strategic Plan for the Abandoned Mine Lands Program March 2006 Bureauwide